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I've only played two rounds in one sitting so far (got ending 2A first, then 5), but am definitely planning to return to this game in the future.  Maybe in short spurts, though; it would be a shame to repeat the recurring lines so many times in one go that I stopped appreciating them.

Genuinely amazed by the fact something this complicated came out of a NaNoRenO entry - not every day you see games that took this little time with a full freaking OP video! And the whole game permeates uneasiness really well, especially thanks to stuff like parts of the background flashing in and out of sight. And that music!

The one thing I have to criticise is that it seems kind of random which parts have spoken narration; since I'm someone who tends to read pretty quickly this led several times to awkwardly cutting the narration off mid-word.


tried to download the game...there's a malware just an fyi: TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen 

The term 'TR' denotes a trojan horse that is able to spy out data, violate your privacy, or perform unwanted modifications to the system. 

ah, is there any chance i can get a hint for ending 6? i'm trying to see which choices work but im failing. any help?


Here's a choices walkthrough, courtesy of co-author Juliane Ashwood!


Ah, thank you so much! I had forgotten that dialogue, when I was given the chance to escape I just took it and apparently forgot the other possibility. Thank you for your answer!

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The artwork for this game is stunning. I wasn't expecting any VA in it but I was blown by the quality of the it. Awesome!

Wrote a review about your indie game let our fans know about it =].

Thank you!