Full Game Now Complete!

After a long stretch, we finally finished up all the routes for Dead Man's Rest!

Those of you who joined in Early Access might remember that Hollis' route was missing all of its CGs. After searching for new artists to no avail, we postponed the release for a little while.

However, after finally discovering the awesome Kuzunue, we were able to complete these remaining 3 CGs and finish the last necessary polish for DMR.

The game is now fully complete! We apologize for the long wait, but we're happy that it's finished at last. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or issues in the new build by commenting or emailing us at contact@argentgames.co.

Thank you!


[FULL GAME] Dead Man's Rest (Windows/Linux) 314 MB
Version 7 Mar 10, 2022
com.galliumgames.deadmansrest-release.apk 301 MB
Version 4 Mar 10, 2022
[FULL GAME] Dead Man's Rest (Mac) 343 MB
Version 13 Mar 10, 2022

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