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A Western LGBT Visual Novel

Developed by Gallium Games
Published by Argent Games

Currently in Early Access release
(Some art still in development)

1879, Golder's Rock. On a clear, moonless night in high summer, the stifling heat coils around a small town in the heartland of the Arizona Territory. Not a single lick of a breeze whistles through the dark, dusty main road, as silent as death itself. 

After tracking down an old enemy for eight long years, lone bounty hunter Lee "Blackjack" McCarthy has finally pinned down his target—his eyes set only on vengeance for a past he can't forget.

But when the town mayor is ruthlessly murdered on that fateful, sweltering  night, Lee's plan suddenly stops dead in its tracks. 

Suspected of the killing, forced to remain in town under watch, and desperate for the opportunity to catch his quarry, Lee has no choice but to work with the townsfolk he trusts—each with their own buried pasts and agendas—to reveal the truth and clear his name. 

Then, and only then, can Lee finally chase his real target...and lay to rest the ghost that haunts his memories.

Jump into a whirlwind Western mystery as Lee finds both lovers and enemies among the mysterious townsfolk, discovers the dark truths hidden in Golder's Rock, and ultimately takes revenge on the murderer who destroyed his life.

  • Genre: Visual Novel, Western, Adventure, Mystery, Romance (BxB)
  • Rating: R-17 (language, violence, sexual themes)
  • Length: ~125,000 words
  • Endings: 15
  • Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux, Android
  • 18 CGs

Content/Trigger Warnings: strong language, violence, alcoholism, suicide, sexual references, non-consensual sexual activity, racism, homophobia

Views portrayed do not reflect opinions of developer or publisher.

Producer: gamma, dovah @ Argent Games
Writer/Designer: Theo Southgate
Character/Scenario Artist: NA. Raphaela, Yoshihandari, Squaffle
BG Artist: Lesleigh63

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
PublisherArgent Games
AuthorGallium Games
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsGay, LGBT, Mystery, renpy, Romance, Story Rich, Western, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Version 3
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Version 12

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Version 2
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Version 3

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The Argent Games teams haven't disappointed me yet! I enjoyed DMR, and I ended up riding off into the empty horizon on the first try. I'm excited to play for more endings once the game is fully released.

I like the western theme and the various takes on the LGBT community. It seems realistic to the time period. The relations between the Natives and Americans was also handled and explained well. 

Currently, some of the transitions are very abrupt, and I only had 2 CGs during my entire playthrough (Taza's storyline), but when I checked the 'extras' tab, it showed several that I unlocked but never saw. I know 18+ isn't something you're wanting to pursue in DMR, but I think some steamier CGs would be nice.

Thanks for the feedback. Do any specific abrupt transitions come to mind?

Is it required to finish everyone's route before the ''secret'' one, kinda like in RE:H?



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Hello there! Just wanted to leave some feedback here.. Overall, a really great game (as usual for your brand), it would just benefit from some "polishing" here and there (spoilerish, so be aware before continuing).

Aspects about this game I find positive

+ great setting/atmosphere, the western theme definitely serves as a good basis for LGBT stories/narratives

+ charming characters with distinctive personalities

+ music is good, doesn't become annoying

+ vocabulary is explained

Things that could be improved

- more CGs/arts/cutscenes, for instance "Lee learning how to play the piano together with Hollis"

- 18+ CGs/content (there could be two versions, an NSFW one and a "clean version" to cater to both audiences)

Other than that, lovely game!

Best regards,



I just finished the game (early access version) ... and well, how shall I put it? It was definitely one of the best VNs I've ever played. Everything was so well worked out. The characters, the story, the setting, the social issues, the writing style, the choice of music, and the art ... That's why I decided to write my impressions in more detail. However, it may contain SPOILERS so please be aware of this before reading any further.


Let's start with the setting. It was the first thing I noticed and a nice change from the usual (fantasy or contemporary) settings we often see in VNs. It contained all the important aspects that I associate with the wild western genre. Sheriffs, cowboys, horses, trains, bounty hunters, bandits and so on ... But it never felt unrealistic or over the top. I'm not an expert on this, of course, but I think the natives were portrayed well too. I also like the depiction of Golder's Rock and the surrounding prairie. You really felt like you were at the end of nowhere in an insignificant small town far from civilization, which made the murder mystery all the more fascinating.

What I like most about the murder case is that the story unfolds differently depending on the course you take. You don't have to worry about knowing all about it after you've completed your first character route. Each route has a different approach and explanation of what really happened, and there are no re-used scenes or sentences. I also like the idea that there are several ways to get to certain routes. So you usually don't have to make a decision for a particular character right away.

The characters are great too. Everyone has their own personality, motivation, background and problems. There is no such thing as Mister Perfect. And Lee is truly an adorable protagonist. Sure, he has his own burdens, but he is ready to overcome them to grow as a human being. I also like how normal he feels as a character. In some VNs the characters are a bit over the top with certain aspects of their personality. Lee, on the other hand, seems to be a normal guy from a normal world with normal people. But that doesn't mean he's boring. He has a very complex and multi-dimensional personality, just like the other characters in this game. Just like real humans.

Parts of the game deal with serious topics like illness, alcoholism, suicide or homophobia, which I personally love very much. Even some of the happy endings are bittersweet in some aspects, though of course they're still satisfying outcomes. I just wish there were after-stories showing what happened to Lee and his love interests. I'd also like to know if Lee an Bill will fall in love with each other after a few years have passed. There was definitely some (sexual) tension between these characters and I can't stop thinking about them.

Even though the soundtrack isn't original, I still like the music because it goes very well with the western setting. I also like the art, although the CGs could be a little more uniform. Lee, for example, sometimes has beard stubble and sometimes he doesn't. He also appears more feminine in some CGs and more masculine in others. Apart from this, I like his rough and slightly out of shape look, though. It fits well with his drifter lifestyle. Hollis' sprites look a little different from those of the other characters and Bill's sprites from the front could be a bit cleaner. But that's just a minor complaint. Overall, I like the art style very much. Same goes for the writing style. The way people talk to each other with all the double negatives has its own unique charm and fits well to the historic setting. There were a few typos and related bugs that I noticed, but they did't bother me much.

Now that I've completed all of the routes (+ the secret Dalton ending) I'm a bit sad because I love this game so much and I don't want it to end. However, I hope this wasn't the last I heard from the characters.

Thanks to the developers for this great game! I'm sure it wasn't the last time I played it. : )


Thanks for your detailed review <3. Glad you enjoyed the game! If you send any specific typos or bugs our way, we can try to push a patch (such as Lee's stubble disappearing ... )

Hello! I love western stories and this vn really looks good , I just wanted to ask if there are R18 sex scenes/cgs.

There are no R18 scenes/cgs.

Hello there! I just wanted to ask whether this game contains voice acting (I'm still at the beginning of the game), just want to make sure it's not a bug. :)


There is no voice acting, so it is not a bug.

I've downloaded the Mac demo but couldn't figure out how to start the game. I saw an exe file for the game but couldn't find something that works for Mac. Does anyone know how?

You'll want to launch the "renpy.app" file.

Hi, I found the file but it wouldn't open, the icon just jumps a few times on my dock then disappears.  I don't know if this is related but I'm currently using Mojave with version 10.14.6

Same issue here (Mac OS Big Sur), when I click on the application file, the icon bounces for a second, but it won't start the program. That's why I'm running the game on Parallels (a tool that allows you to use Windows on your Mac). That might be a solution for you, ika209.

The newest version of demo works, however I was thinking of getting an alternative way to run windows softwares so I may check up Parallels, thanks!

Hello, can you try downloading the update and launching `DeadMansRest.app`? It will launch a Terminal window (you can ignore this), and after a moment, the game should launch.


It worked, thank you for the update!

i've completed all the other routes but i can't figure out how to get onto bill's route, help?

Woops! There was a minor bug locking off his route. You should be able to access it with the latest version. Let us know if you still have issues accessing it!

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